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The first lithium battery LHD passed the safety technology demonstration of new products of CMAC

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-07-17      Origin: Site

In June 2023, experts organized by China Mining Products Safety Approval Certification Center (CMAC) conducted a safety technology demonstration review of RWJ307e lithium battery LHD for metal non-metal underground mines developed by Qingdao Rhino Intelligence Mining Equipment Academe Co.,Ltd(hereafter refers as RIMEA). A total of seven experts were invited to form the evaluation expert group, with Academician Shen Zhengchang of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as the leader of the expert group, and other members coming from colleges and universities, research institutes, testing organizations and mining enterprises.

The R&D team of RIMEA submitted a comprehensive technical research report on the new product and a safety technology demonstration report. The participating experts listened to the report carefully, reviewed the demonstration materials in detail, and formed the expert opinion after questioning and discussion: the lithium battery LHD can effectively improve the underground operation environment and promote the construction of green mines and intelligent mines; the RWJ307e lithium battery LHD for metal and non-metal underground mines has been verified by tests and is feasible to be used in the metal and non-metal mines; and the product is recommended to be issued the safety standard certificate and continue to carry out industrial tests to further verify the performance of the product. It is recommended to issue safety standard certificate for this product and continue to carry out industrial test to further verify the performance of the product.

In the field of metal non-metallic underground mining equipment, safety standard (KA) certificate is the full recognition of product safety performance, but also the enterprise safety production and operation with sufficient strength of strong evidence. New energy trackless equipment as a metal non-metallic mine underground the latest introduction of a type of product, various equipment and related standards and requirements of the development of the booming. The RWJ307e Lithium Battery LHD successfully passed the new product safety technology demonstration, which is a milestone in the development of safety technology of lithium battery-powered underground trackless equipment, and it foretells the bright prospect of the safe application of the product and the greening construction of metal non-metallic underground mines.

Dutifully and diligently, RIMEA people are practical and diligent, actively practicing the mission and responsibility of the leader of underground trackless equipment, and advancing a solid step for China's underground mining to become green and intelligent. In the future, RIMEA will continue to adhere to the idea of technological innovation and development, and lead China's underground mining into a new era of new energy and intelligent high-speed development with strong practical actions.


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