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Smart mines & green development — The 9th China Intelligent Green Mining Technology and Equipment Conference was held in Haikou

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-23      Origin: Site

The 9th China Intelligent and Green Mining Technology and Equipment Conference is held in Haikou on May 22-24, 2021. Centering on the theme of "Intelligent Mine and Green Development", the conference discusses the problems faced by intelligent mine construction and green mining, exchange and promote the new ideas, new technologies and new equipment of intelligent mine construction and green mining at home and abroad. New achievements in intelligent mine construction and green mining are displayed to provide an exchange and cooperation platform for accelerating the upgrading of mine technology and equipment and improving the competitiveness of mine market. Famous experts and scholars from mining enterprises, scientific research and design institutes, colleges and universities, equipment manufacturing and technology integration suppliers and other enterprises and institutions report their achievements, share their experiences and discuss problems on the theme of the conference, so as to enhance free exchanges and cooperation.

RIMEA, as one of the main sponsors of the conference, attend this event. Professor Feng Maolin, the president of RIMEA, delivered a speech titled "Electric Mining Vehicle is the Future - Bringing Higher Capacity and Sustainable Development", illustrating the demand and present situation of new energy, the electric technology and products made by RIMEA, and the advantages brought by electric technology. In the presentation, professor Feng, for the first time, put forward the thought in China electrification will be the future of underground trackless vehicles , defined the year 2020 as the first year of electrification of underground trackless equipment, shows the achievements RIMEA has made in electrification technology and products R&D, and analysis and prospect electrification in underground mining industry. The speech aroused the strong interest and wide attention of the participants. After the seminar , many participants came to the booth of RIMEA for in-depth discussion and communication with the participants of our company.

At the recent leaders' climate summit, President Xi Jinping reiterated that China will strive to reach a carbon peak by 2030 and be carbon neutral by 2060.This is a major strategic decision made by China to promote the building of a community of human and natural life and achieve sustainable development. It also sets forth a new glorious mission for scientists and technicians. At this meeting, industry experts emphasized that the government required non-ferrous industries to reach carbon peak 5 years ahead of schedule, that is, 2025. To achieve sustainable economic and social development while achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality is an extremely arduous task and a huge challenge. RIMEA focuses on the research and development and application of new energy replacement technology in the field of mining equipment and construction machinery. We adhere to independent technological innovation and concentrate on product R&D and manufacturing, so that China's clean energy underground trackless equipment can truly stand up to the world's first-class level.

At the same time, annual meeting of the mining academic committee of China Nonferrous Metals Society was held. Professor Feng Maolin was elected as an expert member of the mining academic committee of China Nonferrous Metals Society, and Dr. Jin Tianxu, a technical expert of our company, was elected as a youth committee. Both of them have worked hard in the mining industry for many years, focusing on technology R&D and promotion. They will make more active efforts in the future work and contribute to the development and exchange of mining engineering technology.

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