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RIMEA will launch upgraded new battery LHD at Mining World Russia Expo

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-18      Origin: Site

The 28th Mining World Russia will be held on April 23-25, 2024 at CROCUS-EXPO Exhibition Center in Moscow. RIMEA will launch the newly upgraded battery-powered RWJ307e at the show. According to the requirements of Russian customers, this new RWJ307e adopts a new red and white color scheme, which is festive and atmospheric.

This new RWJ307e is equipped with advanced intelligent driving system, which is independently designed and manufactured by our company based on the wire-controlled chassis technology of pure battery-driven new energy LHD, which can help to realize less manned and unmanned operation of underground LHD, and can significantly improve the safety of underground mine operation.

The intelligent driving system consists of an intelligent control center as a bridge between the vehicle line control system and the intelligent driving link, adopting CAN bus as the core communication technology, with a simple and reliable interface, and capable of providing the vehicle with complete intelligent driving functions such as line-of-sight remote control, long-range over-the-line-of-sight remote control and unmanned driving.

RIMEA provides a line-of-sight remote control system, the operator in the underground unobstructed environment with a hand-held device can be within a distance of 200 meters, to realize the control of the LHD, and has a fall prevention, fault reminder, emergency stop and other safety features.

The over-the-horizon remote control system provided by RIMEA is compatible with 4G, 5G, WiFi6 and other common network systems, which allows the operator to control the LHD on the ground, and at the same time can display the vehicle's operating status, fault status, maintenance status and production data.

Mining World Russia is the most representative international mining and equipment exhibition in the field of Russian mining industry, is the effective business platform for producers and suppliers to make direct contact with mining enterprises, mineral processing joint ventures and wholesale trading companies from different regions of Russia and professionals who are interested in purchasing mining equipment. The recent editions of the exhibition have been grand in scale and have attracted extensive attention from mining industry practitioners worldwide. We are looking forward the outstanding exhibition of our new LHD at the show.

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