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RIMEA launches its newest Battery Powered LHD in bauma China2020

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-24      Origin: Site

Nov. 24th,2020, RIMEA, the company with a team who has dedicated conventional underground vehicles for more than 30 years is announcing the launch of its newest and most advanced machine-RWJ 202e.

The RWJ202e is an all-new zero emission battery powered loader designed from the ground up to be the cleanest, most durable, most compact 2 tonne miniloader. 

The miniloader RWJ202e, is specially designed for underground mining works with narrow section and narrow vein mining. With a width 1.4m and a tramming capacity of 2 tonnes , the RWJ202e is ideal to raise your productivity without headache of downtime. 

RIMEA’s newest addition to its high tech product line, carries 2 tonnes but has better cost performance and more steel than any diesel 2 tonne mini-loader on the market today. Most impressively, RIMEA has put all-new ultra-efficient automated battery exchange system and called DirecTran in compact package. Electric motor drives wheels through axles directly to supply high efficient power transit and less damage parts. SAHR brakes at 4 wheels provide the most safety for operator. All of our machines not only provide clean zero emission operation, but also move more tonnes every single day. 

Based in Qingdao, the beautiful ocean city and the heart of high technology export, Rhino Intelligence Mining Equipment Academe is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of zero emission battery and hybrid powered mining vehicles. RIMEA’s underground mining loaders, haul trucks and utility vehicles are designed from the ground up to include the best thinking in vehicle engineering and to maximize the performance of its high powered, highly reliable, field proven battery electric powertrains. We promise to continue to innovate and lead the industry by building the most productive, most reliable battery powered machines in the world.

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