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RIMEA LHD Helps Henan Faende Open a New Chapter of Mining Operations

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-11-07      Origin: Site

On 31 October afternoon, Henan Province Mineral Resources Intelligent and Efficient Utilisation of Equipment Technology Industrial Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of Intelligent Equipment) and QingdaoRhino Intelligen Mining Equipment Academe (hereinafter referred to as RIMEA) to cooperate in the development of intelligent LHD the first delivery ceremony was held in the Henan Farende Mining Industry Co.


Ma Qinglin, founding partner of RIMEA, delivered a brand new RWJ202 mining LHD to Cao Anhua, general manager of Henan Farnde, at the delivery ceremony of the rampway refuge at Henan Faende's Shagou mine. Mr Ma said that the efficient and safe application of RWJ202 in Faende Mining to achieve mechanised mining of ultra-thin veins is of great significance and far-reaching impact on small mines at home and abroad, in terms of wider practical application of new technology and new equipment. Compared with competing products, under the same working conditions, the total operation and maintenance cost of RIMEA's equipment and the cost of tonnes of ore are better, which will certainly be concretely embodied in the actual combat in the future. New technologies and products help mines realise value-added benefits and give practitioners a new value-added experience and a better working experience, which makes our business healthier, more economical, more sustainable and more meaningful.

At the first vehicle delivery ceremony, Cao Anhua delivered a passionate speech. He said that the successful delivery of the first intelligent LHD marks the opening of a new chapter of mechanization and intelligent operation of Henan Faende Mine, which is a milestone in the history of the company's development. Taking this as the node, the strategic idea of "mechanisation for man, automation for man" is gradually turning into reality from the blueprint planning.

In the gold-silver polymetallic metallogenic belt of Xiong'er Mountain in western Henan, most of the silver-lead-zinc ore bodies in the region are thin veins, discontinuous and unstable, which is called "chicken's nest mine" in the industry, and it is difficult to explore and mine. Over the years, the company has always insisted on science and technology to lead, and constantly explore new technologies and processes, in order to create a safer and more comfortable working environment and a more efficient way of operation to seek breakthroughs.

"Promoting mechanised and intelligent mining operations is the development trend of the modern mining industry." In order to achieve this development goal, Dr Feng Rui, Chairman of Silvercorp, planned, visited and facilitated the intelligent equipment production and research institute and the domestic professional mining intelligent equipment service provider RIMEA "mining hospital marriage", a strong combination of Henan Faende tailored to the actual production of the enterprise's mines, intelligent shovelling machine.

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