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News| RIMEA and Zhaojin Mining Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony held Today

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-12-01      Origin: Site

The signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation between Qingdao Rhino Intelligence Mining Equipment Academe Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: RIMEA) and Zhaojin Mining Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as: Zhaojin Mining) was held at 10:00 a.m. on 1 December 2023 in the second meeting room on the fifth floor of the Zhaogin Mansion.

The senior of 2 companies attended the signing ceremony. Representatives of both parties watched a promotional film of Zhaojin Mining, listened to the introduction of RIMEA representatives on the underground new energy mining process technology and equipment, and carried out in-depth communication and discussion on the specific application of advanced intelligent equipment in mines and other related areas.

This cooperation agreement is the first five-year strategic cooperation agreement on electrified underground mining products in China, which is of epoch-making significance to both parties and even to the new energy field of trackless underground mining equipment in China! By signing this strategic agreement, both parties aim to establish a close, long-lasting and harmonious strategic partnership, give full play to their respective networks and business characteristics, and cooperate in various fields such as resource sharing and utilisation, industry chain extension, etc., so as to establish an inter-industry cooperation platform of "mutual collaboration, technical support, trade reciprocity and information sharing". Both parties agreed to establish a comprehensive and in-depth strategic partnership in the field of lithium battery-powered underground mining shovels, mining trucks and service vehicles. The cooperation between the two parties will start with the application of RWJ307e battery-powered LHD, a star product of RIMEA, in the mines belonging to Zhaojin Mining, and will be extended to other types of loaders, mine trucks and service vehicles in the future.

Choosing RIMEA, a mining equipment newcomer, as a strategic partner is an active practice of Zhaojin Mining's policy of implementing the national policy of localisation of major technical equipment, and a major initiative to accelerate the realisation of the "dual-carbon" strategic goal in the mining industry.

It is believed that RIMEA's battery-powered mining equipment for underground mines will help Zhaojin Mining to enter a new stage of green mine construction! RIMEA's battery-powered underground mining equipment in the successful application of the mines of Zhaojin Mining, will be the first to open the domestic metal non-metallic underground mining equipment new energy upgrading and replacement of the new chapter, a large number of new energy equipment will be a comprehensive replacement of the traditional diesel equipment, which is a serious source of pollution. RIMEA and Zhaojin Mining's strong alliance will set a new benchmark for the large-scale application of new energy mining equipment in underground mines!

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