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Messi wins in Qatar as people expect

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-19      Origin: Site

In the Qatar World Cup final that ended early this morning, the Argentine national team relied on penalties to beat France 4-2 to get the title, Messi harvested the 42nd trophy of his career, completing the Grand Slam, crowned King of the Ball. His skilful footwork and superior ability to make breakthroughs convinced the thousands of spectators in the stands, and ignited the passion of Argentine fans around the world to watch the game.

On the other hand, the French team, in the first half of the 2:0 lead by Argentina 0 sealed, passive "beaten", once questioned whether the bookmakers bought and paid to play fake football, but in the second half of the fight back, for the audience to dedicate a wonderful game, although defeat is still honourable. In the regular game time two goals behind, extra time a goal behind the situation, the French team twice equalised the score, the game into the final penalty shootout, this do not give up the tenacity of the fight is impressive. Mbappe staged a hat-trick, harvesting the Golden Boot Award, people have to sigh in awe of the latter.

As a veteran Italy fan for many years, I have always been quite respectful of Argentina. For Messi's initial impression, is the 2006 that the quirky hobbit image (here no derogatory meaning), and then the impression of more from the evaluation of friends, his hard work is also a little heard of. Compared to his predecessor, the generation of legendary Maradona, at the age of 26 years old, the best age for Argentina won the World Cup, Messi's this Hercules Cup won up really not easy. From the beginning of the World Cup stage in 2006, the fourth consecutive halting. However, he did not give up, strength plus persistent efforts finally won the favour of luck. In almost everyone thinks, his World Cup curtain call is so close to a Hercules Cup, he finally dreamed of Qatar, leading the Pampas Eagle spread wings to fly.


The wechat in the early hours of the morning was lit up by everyone's passion, however, what touched my heart the most is the following picture. (Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete) The emergence of a genius is rare, but the achievements of a hero can not be separated from the team. This is especially true of team sports like football. Not all talented players can have such a perfect curtain call. Messi is respected, not only because of his genius skills, but also his character, character and teamwork ability, a group soul cohesion of a group of people, it is also a group of people composed of all the strength of the team achievements of the core soul figure.



At this moment, I can't help but think of our team, RIMEA as founded encountered three years of epidemic, difficulties. But as long as the top and bottom are united and go all out, everything is possible.

One of our founders, Professor Feng Maolin, has been rooted in the traditional mining engineering machinery industry for dozens of years, and has made a lot of achievements through his dedication to research. After retirement, Professor Feng is still concerned about the unfinished long-cherished dream of industry development, so he gave up a comfortable and leisurely retirement life, sorted out his decades of accumulation of technology in the traditional manufacturing industry and a wealth of experience in the operation of the company, and actively engaged in the field of replacement of new energy technology, with passion and active practice for the intelligent process of domestic equipment manufacturing industry to add bricks and mortar. In the past three years, Ruineng people, under the leadership of Professor Feng, have actively researched and developed, and successively launched a series of 2-tonne small underground diesel LHD, 5-tonne underground mining truck, 2-tonne pure battery-powered LHD, and 7-tonne pure battery-powered LHD.

Heaven rewards hard work, and all efforts will not be let down. As the year is coming to an end, I am writing to every RIMEA person and also to all partners for encouragement. Let's be united and overcome the difficulties together, may we overcome the thorns and have no disadvantage.

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