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It's Time for the Electrification of Mines — RIMEA helps to achieve the dual carbon goal

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-14      Origin: Site

This year, at the two sessions, carbon neutrality and carbon peak were included in the government work report for the first time, and then became the two “hot words” that attracted much attention. From carbon peak to carbon neutrality, the transition period of developed countries is generally 60-70 years, while the target set by China is only 30 years. As a key area for implementing emission reductions, which path should the mining industry choose and what measures should it take to ensure the achievement of the "dual carbon" goal? In this macro environment, electrification has become the general trend, and its process has accelerated to reach an extremely urgent level.


Relevant experts predict that during the "14th Five Year Plan" period, China's energy transition will enter a phase of increment replacing, coal power will “step on the brake” and clean energy will “step on the gas”; from 2025 to 2035, the energy transition will enter the stage of stock replacement, the proportion of traditional energy decreases, clean energy and electrification will become the largest energy sources on the production and consumption sides respectively.


In recent years, China has adopted a variety of incentive policies for the development and use of new energy vehicles. China has become the largest producer, exporter and consumer of electric vehicles and new energy batteries. Many benefits have pointed out the direction for the new energy replacement in the mining industry.


As a professional manufacturer of underground mining equipment, RIMEA has been committed to the development and value-added application of industrial-grade products in the fields of construction machinery and mining equipment with new energy replacement technology and equipment digital technology. In the industry conference in May of this year, Professor Feng Maolin, the president of our company, in his keynote speech, put forward the idea that electrification is the future development direction of underground trackless vehicles for the first time in China, and defined the year 2020 as the first year of electrification of underground trackless equipment. With the launch of the national dual carbon strategy, this idea has been fully corroborated and has attracted widespread attention from many mines.


People in the mining industry know that in the past few decades, traditional mining equipment has gone a long way in learning from Europe and the United States, imitating designs, and narrowing the gap. There are too many uncontrollable factors, and the technical stuck neck' problem is difficult to avoid, and development has been greatly restricted. Nowadays, the electrification of mines has created excellent opportunities for overtaking in corners. We can achieve autonomous and controllable technology, and we can match the level of advanced manufacturing in Europe and the United States,why not go ahead with it? !


Is mine electrification a head-to-toe innovation? Does it require a large investment to achieve high output? Actually not. The innovation of the concept is the first step. When you realize the importance of safe operation in mines and learn to consider costs of the full life cycle, your mines have been taken the most critical first step in electrification. Then the next step, whether it is the upgrading of existing equipment or the introduction of advanced equipment, you can leave it to professionals to complete. As a pioneering enterprise in the electrification of mining equipment, RIMEA not only provide you with advanced pure electric equipment, but also provide a technology upgrade platform for traditional machine factories, to help your mines and help your company successfully complete the upgrade and transformation.


Several days bofore the National Day holiday, the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau quietly issued a "Notice of the National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau on Printing and Distributing the Work Plan for Strengthening Work Safety in Key Non-coal Mines" which has a significant impact on small and medium-sized mining enterprises, indicating that it is concerned with non-coal mines integration provides specific requirements, strengthens the requirements for mine safety equipment and production technology, standardizes the requirements for enterprise safety management, and adds weight to safe production. This shows that equipment improvements and process upgrades are policy-oriented and safety requirements. What are you hesitating for? Contact us to quickly enter your electrification journey.

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