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Highlight |China 1st self-developed 2m³ battery-powered LHD successfully tested

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-03-18      Origin: Site


Recently, China first 2m³ new battery-powered underground LHD launched by Angang Group Mining Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Angang Mining") has completed the assembly and commissioning of the vehicle, which successfully filled the blank of the research and development of this type of new energy LHD in non-coal mines in China.

This battery-powered underground LHD is jointly developed by our company (referred to as "RIMEA") and Anshan Mining. The successful development of this equipment has provided strong support for the goal of building a high-end, intelligent and green mining enterprise for Anshan Iron & Steel Mining, and has been positively recognised by the senior leadership of Anshan Iron & Steel Mining.

Leading the new energy trend of underground trackless equipment in China domestic mines

It is understood that the equipment set of zero emission, low cost, plus the installation of convenient intelligent upgrade interface and other advantages in one, leading the current development direction of new energy trackless equipment for underground mining. At the same time, the new energy equipment can fully meet the underground humidity, dust and other harsh working conditions. 

Safe, reliable and Spowerful

Compared with imported products, the core technology of our self-developed LHD relies on the "L" cycle working condition model, adopts direct-tran high-voltage permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system, applies vehicle controller to meet the special environment of downhole, and adopts the intelligent control method to improve the unique performance requirements of the LHD , such as accelerating, steering, braking and operating, which makes the power output efficiency of the whole vehicle increase by 10% and greatly improves the capability of downhole operation. The power output efficiency of the whole vehicle is increased by 10%, which greatly improves the downhole operation capability of the LHD.

Environment Friendly and Intelligent Energy System

The battery-powered new energy underground LHD is free from the bondage of cables and high-pressure risks, and the danger of diesel engines emitting a large amount of toxic gases, mainly CO2 exhaust, no longer exists, which greatly reduces the pressure of deep large-scale mining to the demand for ventilation, and reduces energy consumption by 85% compared with that of diesel vehicles, which truly realises zero pollution, low power consumption and high efficiency.

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