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Feng Maolin: Green Technology Empowers Smart Mine Construction

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-05-10      Origin: Site

For a long time, mine excavation and extraction have been regarded as a labour-intensive industry with high consumption, high investment, high danger and high pollution. Poor geological conditions, cave-ins, water penetration, gas explosions and other potential hazards in mining have long constrained the development of the industry. Improving the labour conditions of mining workers through technological upgrading and equipment quality enhancement has always been the focus and goal of the mining industry. Over the years, Professor Feng Maolin, Chairman of RIMEA has led a team to promote industrial transformation through technological innovation, and comprehensively explored the development and value-added application of new energy replacement technology and equipment digitisation and intelligent technology in the field of construction machinery and mining equipment at 

the industrial level. In his work, Professor Feng Maolin has always been committed to technical attacks, safety precautions and responsibility, while helping the high-quality development of enterprises, depicting the new era of strugglers to forget the original intention and move forward in a colourful way. 

Creation of the era of technology leading the industry

On the first day of the 12th Xinjiang International Mining and Equipment Exhibition on 16 July 2022, RIMEA shockingly released the first set of domestic 3m³ pure electric power LHD RWJ307e, which attracted a lot of domestic and foreign professionals to stop to watch and consult. After experimental verification, RWJ307e meets all the design performance parameters, can work continuously for 6 hours after 90 minutes of charging, consumes less than 40 degrees of electricity per hour, and the cost of electricity is only RMB 25 yuan. At the opening ceremony of Xin Jiang mining exhibition, Xinjiang Daming Mining Group, a strategic partner of RIMEA, officially launched its carbon neutral project and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Mining Value-added Service Alliance, RIMEA and Xinjiang Water Resources Power Generation Co. Ltd. in the presence of leaders of many autonomous regions' departments and bureaus and announced that it will make every effort to build the first all-electric underground mining fleet in the country. RIMEA will join hands with strategic partners, dedicate to research and development, strive for excellence, and actively practice the commitment to fully realise the electrification of underground trackless equipment.

RIMEA's brand new 3m³ battery LHD shining in Xinjiang Mining Expo is just a small result of the enterprise over the years to sharpen the deep ploughing, thick and thin development show. Founded in 2019, Qingdao Rhino Intelligence Mining Equipment Academe, as a professional manufacturer of underground mining equipment, with the University of Science and Technology of Beijing and other famous universities as the support of scientific research, gathered mining engineering machinery structure design, vehicle control, hydraulic systems, electrical automation, structure simulation, battery systems and other multi-directional professionals, after half a century of research by several generations of experts, focusing on the development and application of new energy replacement technology in the field of mining equipment and construction machinery, and the development and application of new energy replacement technology in the field of mining equipment and construction machinery. We have a strong foundation in the R&D and application of new energy replacement technology in the field of mining equipment and construction machinery. Facing the multifaceted demands of the market, RIMEA can now provide underground trackless equipment equipped with zero-emission battery power systems or hybrid power systems, including LHD, mining trucks, auxiliary vehicles and mobile chassis for drilling rigs, etc., which can satisfy the demands of high-efficiency production in underground mining and at the same time give full play to the advantages of electronic control systems, effectively controlling energy and power distribution. With higher productivity and more excellent performance, they can bring new standards and values of high efficiency, energy saving, safety and zero emission to underground mining operations. In front of this highly efficient and professional team, a sheet of design drawings, a new technology from theory into reality, so that the mining industry gradually "take off" the traditional mining "old clothes and robes", "wearing" a new "wear "on the new" science and technology "armour".

innovation wins the future

Since the beginning of its establishment, RIMEA has been holding independent innovation as core technologies, continuously improving its independent research and development capability, and endeavouring to solve the "neck" problem of key technologies, so as to firmly grasp the initiative of technology and development in its own hands. After years of accumulation and precipitation, RIMEA has a series of proprietary technologies, including pure electric drive system integration, hybrid power system integration, battery application management system, vehicle operation management system, etc. Combined with expert engineering vehicle application scenario integration capability, it injects the kernel of international advanced level into the developed products and produces zero-pollution, high-productivity, and low operation and maintenance cost of the battery vehicles, and also makes the hybrid vehicles meet a variety of special scenarios, which makes the hybrid vehicles meet a variety of special scenarios. It also makes it a reality for hybrid vehicles to meet a variety of special scenarios.

For a long time, RIMEA has been providing highly efficient, safe, green and environmentally friendly mining equipment for domestic and foreign small and medium-sized mines, and at the same time, it also constantly thinks about the direction of enterprise development from the perspective of the market. Chairman Professor Feng Maolin, who has been ploughing the industry for more than forty years, defined 2020 as the first year of electrification of underground trackless equipment as early as 2017, and put forward the viewpoint that "electrification is the future development direction of underground trackless vehicles" for the first time in May 2021 at a domestic industry conference. With the launch of the national dual-carbon strategy, this idea has been fully supported. Professor Feng Maolin's advanced thought leads the development of RIMEA, and the enterprise is still the only enterprise specializing in the application of electrification technology and product development of underground trolley buses in China, with completely independent intellectual property rights of the product genes and completely independent property rights of the design theories and know-how. 2021 June, the intelligent mining engineering was included in the list of new majors in the catalogue of undergraduate majors of ordinary colleges and universities, which also indicates that the talents of intelligent mining engineering majors will be in great demand. indicates the shortage of intelligent mining engineering professionals, reflecting the great importance the state attaches to this field. RIMEA's accumulation over the years not only promotes the high-quality development of the enterprise and win-win cooperation with its partners, but also conforms to the country's new energy security strategy of "four revolutions and one co-operation", builds a platform for young intelligent mining talents, and contributes positively to the development of energy in the new era of China.

Technology-driven innovation is inseparable from the injection of fresh power. In terms of management, Feng Maolin never skimped on sharing his experience, ideas and planning, and deeply ploughing into the combination of industry and education to improve the professionalism and ethics of talents in the enterprise as well as the conversion rate of team innovation projects. As a scientific and technological worker and educator in the field of manufacturing, Professor Feng Maolin deeply feels the responsibility is incomparably great, he attaches great importance to the growth of talents, carefully cultivates, strictly demands, leads by example, drives the technicians to go out of the laboratory, go to the well, to find out and know the law buried in the rock, discuss and summarise the experience in practice, improve the technology, firmly RIMEA team innovation and innovation, climb again, and again, anchored in a higher goal, the pursuit of the team innovation project conversion. and anchored to a higher goal, the pursuit of scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement of the faith.

Science and technology progress, green first. Professor Feng Maolin has repeatedly stressed that: at present, China has entered a new stage of development, all industries should fully understand the importance of achieving the dual-carbon goal, and enhance the confidence of promoting dual-carbon work, especially for China's manufacturing country, manufacturing industry should take the initiative to take on the heavy responsibility of green. In the future, the innovation of smart mining technology needs to be digitalised, intelligent and sustainable. The digital mining business will continue to grow and deliver more transformation opportunities for the mining industry. Over the years, the RIMEA team has actively shared its theories on seven core technologies, including pure battery-powered underground mining equipment sets, and pure electric and hybrid engineering vehicles on the ground and underground, in various meetings, elaborated on the upgrade path of underground trackless equipment in the process of mining intelligence, comprehensively introduced RIMEA's current status of R&D of intelligent mining equipment and the prospects for its market application, and called on peer companies to work together for the realisation of the dual-carbon goal and the industry's Healthy and rapid development of the industry to work together, side by side. As a pioneer in the electrification of underground trackless equipment, RIMEA has accumulated a wealth of electric drive technology and launched a series of multi-working condition multi-platform products, which can provide platform technology for enterprises interested in the intelligent upgrading and transformation of old mining construction machinery, and accelerate the process of intelligent upgrading of mining equipment.

Continue to move forward and strive to be the first. Behind one step at a time, RIMEA is pioneering, innovative, pioneering, co-operating and sharing, and repaying the society to provide a strong guarantee for the industry's energy change and technological upgrading. Looking ahead, RIMEA will continue to uphold the concept of "green environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency, sustainable development" under the leadership of Professor Feng Maolin, provide value-added products and services for the mining industry, create more value for the users, and make this road of intelligent technology and green development extend farther, longer and wider.

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